INKRIT'24 Hackaton is a 24 hour event starting from 22nd of February to 23rd of February 2024. The event is scheduled to begin at 12:30PM and to be ended by 12.30PM on 23rd February 2024.


  • The team can consist of two to four members.
  • Participants will be given a set of problem statements from which they are required to select one statement and build a hardware/software prototype.
  • Hackaton will be conducted in two rounds where in the first round participants should submit an abstract on their product and for the second round the participants are required to submit their final product along with a presentation.
  • Participants are required to submit the abstract within the first two hours and an evaluation will be conducted on every five hour gap.
  • There will be no shortlisting since the participants are limited to twenty teams.
  • Mentors will be assigned for participants.
  • Participants should bring system and resources required for the hackathon.
  • Wifi and accommodation facilities will be provided.
Registration fee: Free [Refreshments will be provided]
[A convience fees of Rs.300/- should be paid at the time of registration. It will be refunded after the completion of the competition.]
Student Coordinators: Hana Fathima KK - [9526356789], Arathi Biju - [9496692918], Farisa C A - [8129853093], Vismaya Vijayan - [9539280934]
Staff Coordinator: Lt Ibrahim Salim M - [9847239388], Dr.Leena C Sekhar - [9895092855], Mr.Jasir M P - [9746321281]