• Individuals or a team of two can participate.
  • Competition will be conducted in three rounds
    Round 1: Preliminary round will be conducted in the form of a quiz. Only a single participant from a team shall be allowed to attend the 1st round. The qualified teams are selected for the next round.
    Round 2: An Elimination round in which the qualified teams will be given a task to write program code [any language of choice]. Team should complete this round within 45 minutes.
    Round 3: A selected programming language shall be given at the beginning. Qualified teams will be provided with 45 minutes of Internet access to learn that language. Within the given time period, each team must solve a problem or a task using the given programming language within one hour.
  • Electronic gadgets including laptop are not allowed inside the competition venue.
Registration fee: 200 [Refreshments will be provided]
Student Coordinators: Aadhil - [9074531687], Abhin - [6282826684],Safa - [9895344188]
Staff Coordinators: Dr. Jaseena KU - [9847080148], Dr. Bismin V Sherif -[9947978666], Mrs Selin M - [9446791297]